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Springwood Drive Project

8755 Springwood_009_moodyrevised_011.jpg

A Moody Sanctuary

Springwood Drive is a great example of a full room refresh. We transformed their space from top to bottom with new wall coverings and color, furnishings, lighting and art. The homeowners were not afraid of saturated colors and rich jewel tones for a deep and moody primary bedroom. A dark base wall color was complemented by a bright abstract wallpaper to create balance of dark and light in the room. Different sheens from flannel to glass reflect the light and draw your eye to different areas of the room.

High End Cozy

Gold, brass, leather and velvet materials layer and give a luxe feel to the space. The layers fuel a cozy sanctuary to wind down each day and melt into dreamland. With touches of modern, traditional and glam design styles mixed throughout, the room speaks to the homeowner's tastes and unique style.

8755 Springwood_024revised_032.jpg
8755 Springwood_014_moodyrevised_017.jpg

Dreamy Lighting

As avid readers, they wanted to have functional lighting that let them wind down with a good book at the end of the day. The wall mounted sconces are the perfect jewelry for the wallpaper accent wall. Their functional swing arms and dimmers provide each person with just the right light for curling up with a good book.


Enough talking, let's see the pictures already!

Photo Credit:  Spacecrafting Photography

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