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Fresh Haven Design Studio

434 hale ave n_suite 170_021.jpg

A Functional Workspace

The Fresh Haven Design Studio needed to be a space that was functional first and foremost. The upstairs space houses all of the fabric, wallpaper and rug samples. The back wall is a dreamy display of color coordinated fabrics from our favorite vendors. The large counter height work benches provide a great place to spread out client's potential design elements. It's truly a joyful space to work in.

A Hint of Home

Even though this space is a commercial workspace, I really wanted clients to get a sense of what their home could feel like when they walked in the door. The lower level includes a kitchenette, living space and conference room that feel more homey than your typical office. I incorporated some of my favorite furniture, rugs and accessories to give clients a sense of my style and kept everything neutral in tone so it suits many people's tastes, but still has pattern, warmth and comfort.

434 hale ave n_suite 170_008.jpg
434 hale ave n_suite 170_016.jpg

Placing Stairs

Starting with a blank canvas is exciting and gives great opportunities, but also creates it's challenges. For example, I toyed for weeks over the optimal stair location. Since the second story is so high, I knew they needed to have a curve, because a standard tread couldn't make the height in a straight line in the space. Ultimately the left hand side was the best choice to land at the entry way, keep windows as clear as possible and provide ample space for a kitchenette on the other side. The crisp iron rails and wooden stair treads make a statement on their own in the space.


Enough talking, let's see the pictures already!

Photo Credit:  Spacecrafting Photography

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